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Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest online businesses to start.

Welcome to the Affiliate Marketing Web School where you can learn what affiliate marketing is and how you can use it to make a passive income online.

The mission of this site is to provide you with straightforward, easy to follow information to get you started and to help you grow your affiliate marketing business.

What you will learn here

  • What affiliate marketing is and isn’t
  • The mindset you need to succeed
  • How to get started
  • How to find a niche to focus on
  • Where to find products to promote
  • What tools you need to promote affiliate products
  • How to build a website and blog
  • How to get traffic
  • How to convert visitors into buyers
  • and more…
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Do people make money at Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Terms
Your mindset & goals
Finding a Profitable Niche
List of Affiliate Marketing Networks
List of SaaS Affiliate Programs