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Welcome to the Affiliate Marketing Web School

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest online business ideas to start.

Don’t be fooled though. Although it’s simple, it still requires knowledge, skills and lots of hard work.

If you learn the skills, do the work, try, fail and keep trying; affiliate marketing has the potential to generate great profits for marketers and product creators just like you.

Hi! I’m Craig

I am the founder and editor here at the Affiliate Marketing Web School.

I’ve been working in affiliate marketing for over 10 years. I have read countless blog posts, taken hours of training and tested and experimented with 100’s of software tools all focused on making a living online with affiliate marketing.

I started this website to bring together my research findings, lessons learned and experiences; all to help aspiring online entrepreneurs like yourself, learn about the world of affiliate marketing and online business.

I’m also a dad of three and wanted to create a resource that they could use someday to help them have the freedom and security that comes from being an entrepreneur and making a living online in the ever growing digital economy.

I want this guide to be clean and easy to understand so that anyone from the 10-year-old kid entrepreneur to the 50-year-old retiree can understand and apply strategies and tactics to make some extra money or even a full-time income online.

The mission is to provide real strategies, tactics, and tools gathered from 1000’s of hours of research, trial and error and my experiences.

I’m still learning and will keep adding to this site as I learn more.

The purpose of the Affiliate Marketing Web School is to help people learn what affiliate marketing is and how you and virtually anyone can learn how to make an income online.

Free for now

Access to all of the information is free for now while we build up the content and create a valuable resource. At some point, we will start charging for access to the site but until then, the learning is free.

Subscribe to our email list keep in the loop, all our subscribers will be given great deals when membership is required.

To help pay for this affiliate marketing resource, we sometimes use affiliate links to products and services that we endorse. This means that, at zero cost to you, we may earn a commission if you buy something through our links.

If you do, thanks.

It helps pay for content creation, editing and growing this site into the best affiliate marketing resource.

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