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Copywriting 101

Copywriting is one of the most important elements to succeeding with affiliate marketing.

Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words in written form or spoken in video or live that get people to take some form of action.

Copywriting is needed for your messages, landing pages, ads, email autoresponders, podcasts and video scripts.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the primary goal of your copywriting is to get the audience/reader/viewer to take action.

This is usually clicking on an affiliate link to make a purchase, but it can also be subscribing to your email list, signing up for your program or membership site.

As an affiliate marketer, our job is to offer solutions to the problems our potential customers face. And, the only way to get those prospects to see our solution can actually help them… is to effectively communicate it to them.

This is what good copywriting does.

One word in the right place can instantly double your sales. And that’s no exaggeration. Copywriting takes time and lots of practice.

The primary types affiliate marketing copy

Product Reviews

The best products to review are the ones you actually use and benefit from. These are also the easiest to write reviews for because they already solve a problem you experience.

From a copy writing perspective, you add credibility by pointing out how the product or service isn’t perfect (let’s face it, there are very few perfect offerings), and then go on to explain why the imperfection doesn’t negatively impact your perception and enjoyment of the product or service.

Tutorials & “How To” content

That strategy can still work, but generally the content must be much stronger, and the affiliate pitches more subtle. Another long-time strategy is the email mini-course, in which you deliver tutorial-style content by autoresponder that ultimately promotes one or more relevant offers.

These days, producing video tutorials that show how to use a product or service are extremely effective at pre-selling affiliate offers. Remember, teaching and selling are closely related, so “how to” content that naturally gets a prospect more comfortable with a purchase is smart. Plus, you can use broader tutorial content as an “ethical bribe” to get people to subscribe to your blog or a targeted sub-list, which allows for multiple relevant offers to be made over time.

Product Endorsements

A personal endorsement is the strongest way to pre-sell an affiliate offer, assuming your audience values your opinion. Effective endorsements are sincere and enthusiastic based on real experience with the product or service. That’s not to say that people don’t pitch things just for the money, but that can be a dangerous game that erodes your trust and authority if the product or service is poor.

As with any effective copy, endorsements focus on benefits more than features. You might find that picking out the most compelling benefits is easier in a personal endorsement, because you’ve experienced those benefits first hand. Share how a recommended product or service has changed your life for the better, and you’re naturally talking benefits.

Bonuses & Special Deals

Using a bonus or special deal approach is a great way to uniquely sweeten an affiliate offer. You essentially promise to add in an additional item if people buy through your link, or you work out a promotional deal with the merchant that only you can deliver. You then work the extra value into your endorsement, review, or announcement with a great headline and benefit-oriented copy.

You’ll see this strategy used quite a bit in competitive pay-per-click situations, and also during big product launches where lots of people are promoting at once. But it’s a really strong strategy anytime, because it demonstrates that you’re focusing on adding value and delivering great deals to your audience.

Sales Funnel Copy

Writing copy for sales funnels can be challenging. You need to create sales letters, headlines, scripts, webinar slides and calls to action. Here are some of the types of copy that you need to write for sales funnels.

  • Ad Copy
  • Sales Copy
  • CTA Copy
  • Email Scripts
  • Headlines
  • Video Sales Letter Scripts
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Product Description
  • Lead Capture Scripts
  • Webinar Optin
  • And so much MORE

If you want to fast track the sales funnel copywriting process, I suggest taking a look at Funnel Scripts. It’s a copy generating software that can help you produce expert quality copy for your sales funnel in minutes.

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